A Worldwide Community of Battery Professionals

Battery Brunch is a community of 5000+ professionals from 1000+ organizations, including Tesla, Panasonic, Apple, Voltaiq, Google, A123, GM, Ford, FCA, Rivian, Form Energy, LG Chem, Highpower International, Stanford, MIT, and more, and was featured in this ACS Energy Letters article.


Battery Brunch initially began as a monthly gathering of Bay Area battery professionals in September 2019. Since then, we've grown to become a global community of industry, academia, finance, and policy leaders!

Come make new friends, share stories, and be a part of this vibrant battery community.


Have a topic you would like to discuss with other battery professionals? We are looking for leaders to host topic discussions during brunch. 


Want to share your unique insight on the industry? The community needs to hear your voice. Contribute to the Battery Bits Publication.


Are you interested in developing tools and frameworks to help members of the battery community do their best work? There's a growing list of projects that have spawn from this community.

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